TurnMVP just rolled out a mobile-friendly revamp of its landing page template and embeddable survey.

The new responsive landing page design drew from years of research on how people read web pages.  And it was usability tested in multiple stages and on multiple devices.

One of the key objectives was readability.  TurnMVP landing pages are a quick and dirty way to test your value propositions — without having to think about design or code.  That puts the emphasis on the text.  So details like layout, font style, and alignment were tested with real users, adjusted, and tested again to be sure the design would really work.

click-tracking-metricsTurnMVP keeps track of how many people click or tap on your call to action, displaying a customizable survey when they do.  This survey now uses a responsive design that works on mobile devices.  So it was important that different screen sizes not introduce a corresponding bias.  Careful research and testing went into the design to be sure the variance in survey results between screen sizes would be negligible.

TurnMVP’s new mobile-friendly survey can also be embedded on your own website.

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