I’ve got two minimum viable product examples for you.  My last examples didn’t feature TurnMVP’s landing page template.  So first I’ll show an example of a real MVP created with TurnMVP.  And then I’ll show you an example of the MVP template it was created from.

This first MVP example is called FromMe [click to open].  It’s one of my favorites because the language is so easy to understand.  Take a look at how this MVP breaks down:



Can you write about your product idea using that breakdown as a template?  It’s a great exercise.  What you’re really doing is coming up with a hypothesis for why your product would be valuable.  And that’s something you can test!

And here are FromMe’s results as they appear on TurnMVP’s Learn tab (shared with permission of course!)…

Minimum Viable Product Example ResultsSo what does it look like before you edit it?  Here’s an unedited example of that minimum viable product template [click to open].  Take a closer look at the benefits below…

Minimum Viable Product Examples - Template

Sign up for TurnMVP.  (And let me know what you come up with in the comments below!)

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