TurnMVP Entrepreneur (a scrappy little MVP of it’s own) was deployed today.

TurnMVP is like Lean Canvas, LaunchRock, and SurveyMonkey all rolled into one product.  It’s laser focused on helping you build quick and dirty product smoke tests and analyzing the results.

So what exactly does TurnMVP do?  It lets you turn any button on your site into a product or feature MVP —  using a modal survey and click tracking.  Don’t have a site?   Add your survey to the optional MVP landing page template.  The MVP template has step-by-step tips on how to write a compelling value proposition.  It cuts to the chase — no over-the-top graphics, no logo upload.  Just an effective way to test a value proposition without coding or design skills.

TurnMVP makes it easy to set up a product smoke test and get validated learning.

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Launch Announcement: TurnMVP is Live by
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