Today we launched Instant Feedback for your TurnMVP landing pages.

Get Instant FeedbackIt’s a new feature you can actually use.  And it’s also a good example of a minimum viable product “built” using TurnMVP’s landing page template.

Here’s why this MVP works:

  • We already know that instant feedback is something our users want.
  • Our riskiest assumption is that they will pay for it.
  • To find out, all we need to build is a page to sell a concierge service.

Our TurnMVP template helps us craft a value proposition.  We’re not worried about a logo, or a perfect landing page design.  All we want to know is whether our offer is compelling enough for people to click on the green button, give us the URL to their MVP, and agree to pay us.

And with TurnMVP we not only get an easy to set up landing page, we also get a functional call to action — a working button that lets us collect information from our visitors.  And we’re using it to take real orders.

This is just one way to use TurnMVP to build a minimum viable product.   After you build yours, share a link to it in the comments!

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